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ESS - Bilbao

ESS Bilbao is an international research and development center for Particle Accelerator and Neutron Science and Technologies which generates knowledge and added value by leveraging the Spanish In-Kind contribution to the European Spallation Source ERIC. ESS Bilbao is a public consortium of the Spanish and Basque Governments. ESS Bilbao is the unique organisation in charge of channelling all Spanish In-Kind contribution to the European Spallation Source-ERIC. The scientific and technological advances that are being generated as a part of the design, production and testing currently undergoing at ESS Bilbao facilities play a key role in the ESS project. Spain is contributing with the 3% of the total ESS construction cost during the construction phase (2014-2027), equivalent to 55.29M€2013 This contribution is 90% in-kind and 10% in cash. The involvement of ESS Bilbao in all ESS technical areas spreading throughout the entire construction phase, demonstrate the wide technological capacity of the Consortium. The international research and development center has the mission of promoting the generation of knowledge in neutron technologies; achieving excellence in the fields of neutron science and technologies and also take position as a centre of international standing. Simultaneously ESS Bilbao is seeking to participate in other projects which guarantee our long-term future beyond 2025.




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