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IFMIF Dones International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility DEMO Oriented Neutron Source

One of the key challenges in the realization of fusion energy is the development of neutron tolerant materials that can withstand a flux of neutrons up to 14 MeV while maintaining adequate structural and other physical properties over long periods. To test materials, and produce this knowledge, it is therefore necessary to develop a fusion material neutron source with a fusion-like neutron spectrum. The European Fusion Roadmap (2018) identifies the creation of IFMIF-DONES to address this need. The European IFMIF-DONES Facility is the central element of the DONES Programme, which aims at establishing an extensive database on fusion materials. The International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility – Demo Oriented NEutron Source (IFMIF-DONES) is a single-sited novel research infrastructure for testing, validation and qualification of the materials to be used in future fusion power plants like DEMO. The IFMIF-DONES Facility is defined to provide an accelerator-based D-Li neutron source to produce high energy neutrons at sufficient intensity and irradiation volume to simulate as closely as possible the first wall neutron spectrum of future nuclear fusion reactors. The IFMIF-DONES Facility should then be understood as the set of Buildings and Systems that will become the fusion relevant neutron source and that will help to fulfil the objectives of the DONES Programme. In addition, the IFMIF-DONES facility could be also used by other (i.e. non-fusion) scientific communities, such as health-related (mainly for isotopes production), basic physics (astrophysics, solid state physics) or nuclear physics. It can also provide some unique technological-related services for industry. On 16 March 2023 was celebrated the 1st DONES Steering Committee in Granada, the highest governing body of the DONES Programme, and agreed, among others, to start of the construction phase of the IFMIF-DONES Facility in Escúzar (Granada). The operation and scientific exploitation of the IFMIF-DONES facility will start on 2034.




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