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Motta Impianti Srl

Welcome to MOTTA IMPIANTI! A global solution platform for Package, Facilities for Water & Gas Tretament, Dosing and Metering System, Cooling and Ventilation System & Injection Gas. MOTTA Impianti is an Italian company specialized in engineering, production, installation and maintenance services for Electrical and Electro-Instrumental systems and panels, typically for Oli & Gas, Petrolchemical and Pharma industrial application. Skilled technicians follow all plant’s cycle life, beginning from the electrical design of the control panel, to the installation on site, getting to the creation and distribution of the operating manuals an all the detailed and functional documentation, test & commissioning of the project. Maintaining the electro-instrumental nature, which is the core business, the company has started to develop the mechanical side of the systems, able to handle integrated solutions with the supply of various type of skid-packages, starting from the engineering to the procurement and construction, according to the client’s needs. MOTTA Impianti is also able to handle automation process solutions with appropriate and certificate hardware and software tools, as well as calibration / set up of instrumentation process, for ordinary and preventive maintenance, programmed calibration along with the provision of services of on-call availability. More than 20 years of experience, technical know-how acquired, Tailor-made solutions, customer’s needs commitment and daily work, are the main objectives to beter respond to market’s requirements and to allow prompt and flexible performances in accordance with the specifications of each project.



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