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Accompanying person visits

Trieste guided tours are reserved to accompanying persons only

Discover Trieste - guided tour

When: 2 – 3 October at 3 pm

Overlooking the blue of the Adriatic Sea, Trieste unveils itself with one of the most scenic squares in Europe, framed by buildings of neoclassical, liberty and eclectic design and touched by the scent of coffee.

You are in Trieste and our tour will tell you about this incredible city, and it will be love at first sight for you too.

Join our guided tours of Trieste: from its Roman foundations to the grandeur of the Habsburg epoch, all flavoured by a unique Mediterranean touch.

Yet, Trieste is also joy de vivre that can be felt in the cheerful chats in the elegant historic cafés or in the typical buffets, which are filled mid-morning for the rebechin custom, the traditional snack with ham cooked in bread and a sprinkling of horseradish.


Meeting point
infoPoint PromoTurismoFVG Trieste, Piazza Unità d’Italia, 4/B
34121 Trieste, TS, Italia