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The Venue

BSBF Trieste 2024

Generali Convention Center
(former Trieste Convention Center)

Nestled in the historic Old Port of Trieste, the Generali Convention Center (GCC) is easily accessible from major transportation hubs.

The GCC is not just a convention center; it's a sustainable and eco-friendly conference oasis. Featuring two pavilions, a extensive auditorium accommodating over 1800 guests, and five versatile smaller halls, this venue sets a new standard for green and responsible event hosting.

TCC Auditorium 4

To reach the Generali Convention Center (GCC) from the city center, you have several convenient options, depending on your preference and location within the city center.

Generali Convention Center – GCC
Porto Vecchio
V.le Miramare, 24/2, 34135 Trieste TS

By Walking

If you’re in the central part of Trieste’s city center, you can easily reach the GCC on foot. It’s advisable to use a map or GPS app for guidance. The walk provides an opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings.

By Public Transportation

Trieste has an efficient public transportation system.
Line 6 – from the railway station – will lead you to the GCC

By Taxi

Taxis are readily available in the city center, and you can easily hail one or find a taxi stand.

By Bicycle

Trieste is a bike-friendly city with bike lanes and rental services.
You can rent a bicycle and cycle to the GCC if you enjoy cycling and want an eco-friendly option.


More than 10 bike stations throughout the city with more than 130 bikes.
There is one station in front of GCC.

By Car

The GCC may have on-site parking or nearby parking facilities for your convenience.