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T.S.C. srl

T.S.C. srl began its activity in January 2008. The company was founded by Massimiliano Cesarini, he is the technical manager, and he have twenty years experience in company “Busato & Satta snc”. T.S.C. srl have the most modern CNC machine for machining turning and milling, also we have bought Busato and Satta snc vacuum lavoratory, complete with three high vacuum furnaces for brazing, leak detecor, cleaning pumping unit, ion pumps turbomolecular pumps, and air-microplasma welding, Agilent network analyzer. The experience has been acquired by the continuous work with research institutions such as: ENEA, INFN, CNR, CNA, Trieste Synchrotron, Università di Messina, SORDINA spa, ADAM spa.



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