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Big Science Common Market Call is open (BSCM Call)

Call for expressions of interest from companies to join BSBF2024 and present their experiences towards a Big Science Common Market in Europe

BSBF Trieste 2024 issued  a new Call for Nominations (BSCM Call) to select industries that can present their experiences and formulate suggestions in a dedicated session, during the forum planned in Trieste from 1st to 4th October 2024.

The European Big Science market, worth several hundred million euros annually, offers significant opportunities for companies, from  the creation of innovative products to an expansion of customer portfolios.

However, accessing this market proves challenging due to fragmentation across Big Science Organizations (BSOs), resulting in inconsistencies in formats, languages, payment procedures, and specifications.This places a burden on companies, forcing them to adapt their access to each specific BSO individual processes.

This call aims to collect the experiences of some prominent industrial actors who have been awarded contracts by different BSOs and then to formulate a roadmap and suggestions for standardizing access procedures.

This action will benefit both the BSOs and the companies:

  • the BSOs will have a better understanding of the difficulties faced by companies applying for their CFTs and will be able to adopt some common and more effective practices to facilitate access by companies, thus benefiting from a larger portfolio of companies and a more dynamic participation in their CFTs.
  • Companies benefiting from more standardized access procedures will increase their capacity to participate in CFTs from different BSOs, thus creating a real and effective common market.

The goal is to formulate a roadmap and suggestions for standardizing access procedures, benefitting both BSOs and companies.

For more details and the complete call for expressions of interest, please check the ‘call for applications‘ section on the BSBF 2024 website.

The deadline for application is May 6, 2024.