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BSBF Activities Introduced to Baltic Companies

Exploring Big Science Market Opportunities for Baltic Businesses

On 16-17 May companies gathered in Riga, Latvia, for the annual Deep Tech Atelier conference. This year, Paolo Acunzo, Director of BSBF2024, participated as a speaker in the discussion panel “What is Big Science Market and as a deep tech company why you should know more?”. Moreover some bilateral meetings have been organized with Latvian companies and stakeholders potential interested to be involved in BSBF activities.


During the discussion with Adam William Horridge and Giovanni Anelli from CERN, Davids Stebelis from ESA, coordinated by Alise Pika-Ozola, national ILO – Industrial Liaison Officer in Latvia, Paolo Acunzo addressed the audience composed by companies from Baltic States about the opportunities to participate in the upcoming Big Science Business Forum 2024 (Trieste, 1-4 October). He explained how the event can provide valuable networking opportunities, direct involvement with international Big Science Organizations and insights into upcoming projects and investment opportunities in the Big Science European Market.


Deep Tech Atelier featured speakers from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Finland, Japan, the USA, and other countries. It also attracted professionals from various industries, students, academics, and other enthusiasts. Organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), this year’s conference was the sixth edition. Approximately one and a half thousand attendees from around the world attended the “Deep Tech Atelier 2024” conference in person.