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European Spallation Source - Bilbao

ESS Bilbao is an international research and development center for Particle Accelerator and Neutron Science and Technologies, established as a public consortium of the Spanish and Basque governments. It generates knowledge and added value by leveraging the Spanish In-Kind contribution to the European Spallation Source ERIC, currently being built in Lund (Sweden). ESS Bilbao is also actively collaborating in other projects worldwide in the sector of particle accelerators and neutron scattering science and technologies such as MYRRHA (SCK-CEN), ISOLDE (CERN), ITER and IFMIF-DONES. In addition, ESS Bilbao is committed to promoting technological developments and innovation in collaboration with industry through different public programmes from CDTI (prototypes and feasibility studies for some target components, Misiones NEURON-DONES) and from Basque Country (Hazitek-high speed neutron choppers and BENMACON).



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ESS Bilbao