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JSC SAF Tehnika and its subsidiaries (the Group) design, manufacture and distribute three types of products: – wireless sensor network solutions for various environmental parameter monitoring – Aranet product line – CO2 sensors, T/RH IP42, IP68 sensors, compact thermometers, temperature and temperature/humidity probe sensors, various transmitters (VDC, mA, impulse readers), differential pressure sensors, energy meters, AC Hour meters; – digital microwave radio equipment for voice and data transmission; – microwave spectrum analyzers and signal generators. Technologically the Group’s products are interconnected. The Group’s accumulated experience and knowledge has allowed to develop a range of innovative products, including launching and developing a series of the world’s smallest microwave spectrum analyzers Spectrum Compact, as well as creating the Aranet brand of wireless sensor network solutions. Recently SAF Tehnika has independently developed its own code libraries for the cutting-edge Mioty technology protocol ensuring resilient, reliable, and low-power operation for extensive sensor networks, distinguishing itself from competitors who typically purchase these libraries. By proactively building expertise and capabilities, SAF Tehnika aims to position itself as an early adopter and leader in embracing this advanced technology. The Group’s sales revenues in countries outside Latvia (location of its headquarters and production site) have accounted for 99.09% of the total turnover with sales of its products in 85 countries. 72% of revenues have been earned in North and South America region, 21% in Europe and 7% in Asia, Africa and Middle East. The most business-to-business sales of the Aranet air quality sensor product line have taken place in United States, The Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada and France. The Group also offers services related to its products and continues to develop specific customer-requested needs-tailored functionality. The Group’s R&D projects are receiving R&D grant cofinancing from Horizon 2020 and other programs. Currently JSC SAF TEHNIKA is partner in consortium of Horizon 2020 project ”Challenging environments tolerant Smart systems for IoT and AI (CHARM)”, No. 876362, to be finished in the year 2024. JSC SAF TEHNIKA owns shares of “LEITC” SIA which has a mission to support research of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and educational projects.

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