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Metrolab Technology SA, established in 1985 in Geneva, Switzerland, is the global market leader for precision magnetometers. The company builds high precision instruments to measure strong magnetic fields. Metrolab is committed to industrial quality with Swiss precision. Metrolab has won the trust of all the large physics laboratories and all leading players in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) worldwide. Metrolab is a technological company with over half of Metrolab’s employees work in the R&D department as engineer and scientist. Metrolab’s engineers conduct applied R&D to bring basic research insights into real-world practice. They stay abreast of new technologies through collaborative projects with universities, research institutes, and other companies worldwide. Metrolab masters four technologies to measure magnetic fields: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Three-axis Hall effect, Three-axis Fluxgate, and Fluxmeter. NMR is the most precise technology available for measuring a strong static magnetic field. High-quality MRI images require a strong, extremely homogeneous magnetic field in the target area. A precise NMR magnetometer can acquire an accurate field map to compute the exact compensation required. Metrolab’s top priority is to provide solutions to help you measure magnetic fields effectively. They design their products with 38 years of expertise in measurement technologies and applications. To deliver quality products, they combine the reliability of industrial manufacturing with the responsiveness of a service company.

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