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Nanoker Research S.L

Nanoker is a company specialized in the manufacturing of products based on advanced ceramic and composite materials for top-end applications. The skills of the company are focused on the vertical integration of the manufacturing of ceramic components, encompassing: • Synthesis and conditioning of ceramic compositions, • Shaping of green parts by pressing and casting, • Conventional sintering and pressure-assisted sintering (Spark plasma sintering), • Hard machining and finishing, • Quality control, • Handling and packaging compatible with UHV (Ultra high vacuum) environments. The company is producing components from prototypes to batches of medium size (i.e., maximum 10.000 parts per year), offering short turnaround. The materials portfolio of the company is focused on custom-made ceramics, made of carbides and nitrides, such as: machinable aluminium nitride, boron nitride composites, liquid phase silicon carbide, high purity boron carbide. The offering in materials include oxidic ceramics, such as zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide and composites thereof. On top of that, the company owns six patents in materials based on oxidic ceramic nanocomposites

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