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National Centre for Nuclear Research

The National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) is a research institute with over 70 years of history. Its heart is the only nuclear reactor in Poland, MARIA. The center conducts both basic research related to nuclear physics, as well as work aimed at using it in industry and medicine. Currently, the Institute is preparing to provide technical support for the Polish nuclear program. Scientific staff NCBJ’s strength is people. Of the over 1,100 people working at the Center, almost 30% are research workers, including over 230 with doctoral, post-doctoral degrees and professor degrees. NCBJ scientists take part in numerous international projects, cooperate with scientific institutes from all over the world, including Big Science centers, and are the authors of over 500 publications a year. In 2017, the Institute received the highest scientific category A+ and became a partner of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. One of the NCBJ’s department is the Science and Technology Park, which has a goal to support the development of your company or research project by helping you find the right technology using our portfolio. We believe that your project is unique, so we will find a solution tailored to your needs with the help of the largest research centers. In Science and Technology Park we run a Big Science Contact Point supporting Polish companies is dealing with public procurement procedures’s Big Science Organisations. Why all leading companies have R&D departments, cooperate with research centers and often have their cells in Science and Technology Parks? They can naturally interacting with emerging technology. They strive to introduce technological innovations in their products as quickly as possible because this will give them an advantage Companies cooperating with Technology Parks have the opportunity to participate in the creation of technology. They can more easily apply together for a research and development grant that allows, on the one hand, to finance the development of technologies and, on the other hand or to cover some of their costs.

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