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OCEM Power Electronics - Energy Technology Srl

OCEM Power Electronics develops power systems for premier research laboratories worldwide. Its custom power systems and solutions are enabling advances in the fields of plasma physics, particle physics and medical research, and driving advanced industries such as transportation and food processing. Taking advantage of its power electronics know-how and its cutting-edge technology, OCEM has become a leader in this niche industry. In recent years, OCEM engineers have developed and patented new power electronics technologies, and have authored, presented and published several papers at conferences around the world. The company’s ongoing scientific research and commitment to high quality, combined with a flexible and customer-oriented approach, have made OCEM’s tailor-made solutions an invaluable asset for customers and other partners. The company has supplied power converters to more than 50 research facilities in 20-plus countries, including four Nobel-Prize winning labs. Since 1943 OCEM Power Electronics has supplied: Highly stabilized current power converters for magnets and coils; High-Voltage modulators; Power supplies for RF systems; High-Voltage power converters for IOTs, gyrotrons, tetrodes, klystrons; Supercap-based Power converters; Pulsed power converters; Capacitor chargers; Railway converters and gearboxes.



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