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Polyteknik AS

Polyteknik AS is a dedicated coating service provider with extensive knowledge of coating and substrate materials. We can handle your request from early devel – opment phase, and transition into full-scale production with quality control measures. We have multiple PVD systems in order to handle different sizes and geometry of samples. Since the company’s foundation, Polyteknik AS has been working together with science facilities and tech firms, and the company has developed a clear vision of how to succeed with these projects. This involves tight project management, which focuses on communication with the customer. With an experienced team, Polyteknik AS is the ideal partner. The core competence of Polyteknik is thin film coating done by PVD technology. Polyteknik can offer a wide range of thin film coating solutions as: • Reflective coatings • Internal coating of tubes • Absorber coatings • Antenna/waveguide coating • Conductive coatings • Roll to Roll coating • Other Functional Coatings – EMI shielding – Insulating and corrosion resistant coatings – Semiconductor coatings

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Aït Abderrahim