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SEA ALP Engineering

SEA ALP Engineering is a brand created in 2008 by CTE Sistemi Srl, a small company with a remarkable experience in the machines for the fabrication of superconducting coils and – more in general – in demanding mechanical equipment. From 2011 onwards, the new contracts have been acquired by the new Consortium Sea Alp Engineering, within which CTE Sistemi retains the engineering role by virtue of its experience gained since the early 80s. SEA ALP Engineering is licensee of international patents filed over the years by CTE Sistemi in the field of magnet coils manufacturing. In this context, SEA ALP Engineering today has a significant presence in the high energy field thanks to the many past experiences gained in important international Projects, like HERA-DESY, LHC-CERN, ITER, ASDEX.



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