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Sigmaphi is a 42 years old company, we are involved in four main markets which are the particle therapy, research institutes, fusion and industry such as mass spectrometers, ion implantation. Sigmaphi is an industrial facility along with a R&D department, we are designing, fabricating, and testing magnetic systems. We are experienced with, and we are proposing, resistive, superconducting, and pulsed electromagnetic solutions. Sigmaphi’s purpose is “accelerating the transition to a better world”. This is reflected in all of our markets, in particular medical with cancer treatments and our development strategy towards fusion and its low environmental impact. Our values are excellence, collaboration, responsibility, and conviviality. We will return to excellence through the technologies that we implement to respond to our markets, we are committed to maintaining our level and this requires the relationship and projects that we carry out with research institutes. Internal but also external collaboration since we co-develop our solutions with our clients. Responsibility as we ask everyone to feel responsible for carrying out their mission, both for the company and for our customers.



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