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SUBRA is a science-based, deep-tech startup that is pioneering the field of superconductivity. We are a spin-off, from the Technical University of Denmark, with more than 15 years of excellence in superconductor R&D, working to develop superconductor solutions for the green transition. SUBRAs unique superconductor solutions are tailored specifically for fusion power systems and accelerator magnets. Our superconducting particle detectors are designed for large-scale neutron detection in both fusion and scattering facilities. Through research excellence and in-house superconductor expertise, SUBRAs TEAM has developed significant technological leaps in the field of high-temperature superconductors (HTS), demonstrating some of the world’s most effective superconductors. The growing team of 25 staff members is highly specialized in R&D and superconductor manufacturing, and consists of production officers, technicians, process developers, analyst engineers and back-office staff. Key profiles leading our R&D efforts include CEO Anders C. Wulff, Ph.D., energy expert and former associate professor in the field of superconductivity and the innovator behind the patent portfolio of superconductor solutions, on which SUBRA is built, and Christian Bahl, Ph.D., expert and former associate professor in the fields of magnetocalorics, magnets and material science, with a track record of leading design, modelling and commissioning of high-tech systems. Based in Farum, Denmark, SUBRA has a 1000m2 production facility for production of km-length nano-polished, filamentized substrate tapes for superconductors, magnets and detectors. SUBRA is an impact company, strongly committed to a sustainable future and to being a key player in the Climate Solution. All our products and technologies help drive us towards that goal. *2023 In 2023, SUBRA was awarded an EIC Accelerator grant of 2,5 M€ and secured seed investment of 1 M€, securing funding for accelerated R&D activities and production capacity in 2023-2025.

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