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Wessington Cryogenics Ltd

Wessington Cryogenics was established in 1984, originally founded to offer the supply of a wide range of cryogenic vessels for laboratory, scientific and industrial gas applications. Our company grew to quickly exploit emerging cryogenic applications across a broad range of industry sectors, manufacturing cryogenic storage vessels ranging from general purpose open Dewars, to multi-coded liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and helium vessels. Wessington Cryogenics offer a range of vessels, including transportable self pressurising vessels up to 1000 litres, medium and high pressure units for gas use, pallet base tanks, low pressure horizontal tanks, transport and mobile, conventional vertical tanks, laboratory Dewars and a wide range of Helium vessels up to 20,000 litres in capacity. Such vessels and Dewars are sold to many of the Big Science Research Establishments in Europe as well as customers in the USA and the Far East and to blue chip Universities worldwide.


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