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ZALI snc di Zali Graziano & C.

ZALI is a manufacturing Company engaged in the production of high precision custom made Granite bases and assemblies. Our products are used as bases for the world’s most accurate machine tools, scientific and measuring instruments. In addition, we offer services such as supply and assembly of mechanical parts and components. Granite offers excellent dimensional and thermal stability properties, fundamentals for the long-term stability required during experiments. It is a very stiff material. Structures built with this material do not present resonances at low frequencies (unlike what happens when steel is used). It is also an inert material (for example it shows very low magnetic susceptibility). Through an adequate production process, it is possible to obtain high precision parts, in the order of micrometers (μm). Thanks to these properties, the use of Granite is fundamental for the manufacturing of rigid supports (for example free of unwanted resonances) for scientific instrumentation such as X-ray or neutron optical elements and for the manufacturing of supports for experimental stations. We are able to help our Customers right from the design and development phases (choice of material, thickness, machining, geometrical tolerances, ecc.), starting with feasibility analysis (manufacturing, cost, delivery time, ecc.) to obtain products in line with objectives. Production is carried out with CNC machine tools, starting from roughing operations, through grinding, milling and drilling, to finish with manual lapping in air-conditioned metrology room to guarantee maximum accuracy. In our precision assembly department, we take care of the assembly of Granite parts and mechanical components (linear guides, ball screws, air bearings, motors, ecc.). Here we also carry out Factory Acceptance Tests. It is by mastering Granite machining technology that ZALI has managed to establish itself in the Big Science Organization market. Starting from Granite, we provide solid and high precision bases to support Your experiments.

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