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ZALI snc di Zali Graziano & C.

Founded in 1998, ZALI is a manufacturing Company engaged in the production of high precision Granite components, bases and assemblies. Today ZALI is divided into two sites: the headquarter is in Scopa (VC) where we have the offices, the production and an air-conditioned metrology room, while in Varallo (VC) we have the precision assembly department. Granite offers excellent dimensional and thermal stability properties, it is also an inert material and through an adequate production process it is possible to obtain high precision parts, in the order of micrometers (μm). Our products are used as bases for the world’s most accurate machine tools, scientific instruments and measuring instruments. They are made to the Customer’s designs and specifications. Thanks to the know-how gained in an international context and thanks to a team of professionals who works with passion and commitment, we are able to help our Customers right from the design and development phases of these products, in such a way as to create productions that comply with their goals. Thanks to its facilities, ZALI is able to provide high flexibility in its production, which can easily vary from the mass production required by the industrial sector to the one-off production especially required by the research sector. The dimensions of the pieces produced can vary from tens of centimeters up to several meters in length and a maximum weight of 10 tons. In addition to the production of Granite parts, we are able to complete our offer with services such as the supply and assembly of mechanical parts and components and the execution of Factory Acceptance Tests. We already operate in various market sectors: Metrology and Measuring Machines, Machine Tools, Micromachining and Photonic, Electronics and Semiconductor, Research Centers. Starting from Granite, we provide solid and high precision bases to support Your experiments.




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