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Industry leaders visit European XFEL in the frame of BSBF Trieste 2024

Industry leaders visit European XFEL in the frame of BSBF Trieste 2024

Schenefeld, Germany – January 19, 2024

Continuing the series of BSBF visits to major European research infrastructures, the European XFEL, an X-ray laser able to generate ultrashort X-ray flashes—27,000 times per second—with brilliance exceeding conventional X-ray radiation sources by a billion times, hosted a delegation of twenty industry leaders on January 19, 2024. The visit, held at the international research facility in Schenefeld, Germany, aimed to showcase the capabilities of the European XFEL and explore collaborative ventures with European businesses. BSBF, a business-oriented congress focusing on high technology and innovation, acts indeed as a meeting point between Research Infrastructures and industry in Europe.

The visit, in which Ketty Segatti, Central Director for Special Functions participated on behalf of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, was characterized by a comprehensive exploration of the European XFEL research facility and its collaborative initiatives. Participants were welcomed by Thomas Feurer and Nicole Elleuche, European XFEL Managing Directors, and an introduction to the Big Science Business Forum 2024 delivered by Paolo Acunzo, Responsible Service ILO Network in ENEA and BSBF Trieste 2024 Director, highlighted its role in facilitating connections between Research Infrastructures and industry in Europe.

Subsequently, participants gained insights into European XFEL during the presentation by Antonio Bonucci, Head of Industrial Liaison Office, and Dirk Jordan, Head of Procurement and Logistics at European XFEL, followed by a tour of the industrial participant table, which offered a platform for discussions. A facility tour allowed participants to explore the cutting-edge technologies and research conducted at  European XFEL. This exclusive itinerary provided a detailed insight into European XFEL and offered a platform for engagement between industry leaders and the technologies driving the future of scientific research. 

BSBF, now in its third edition to be held on 1-4 October 2024 in Trieste (Italy), is set to be a significant forum for European companies and stakeholders. It will provide insights into the investments and procurements of leading Big Science Organizations such as CERN, ESA, ESO, ESS, ESRF, F4E, FAIR, ILL, European XFEL, and SKAO. The event aims to attract a diverse array of businesses, from large industries to specialized SMEs, facilitating engagement in the science and technology sector.