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The Big Science Business Forum takes center stage in Brussels

Highlights from the Recent Presentation Stop at the Italian-Belgian Chamber of Commerce

A new stop of the presentation roadshow for the Big Science Business Forum 2024 took place yesterday, April 11th, at the headquarters of the Italian-Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, at the heart of the European Union. 

The event, scheduled to take place in Trieste from October 1-4, was introduced by Paolo Acunzo, the Director of BSBF Trieste 2024. It began with welcoming remarks from Giorgio De Bin, the Secretary of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, and continued with an opening session moderated by Raffaella Viviani (Expert at Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU), with Alessia Rosolen (the Regional Councilor for Research for Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region) and Michelangelo Nerini (Embassy Councilor at Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU) as guest speakers.

“The opportunity to present the Big Science Business Forum in one of the symbolic cities of united Europe further enriches the October event with the participation of prestigious stakeholders from institutions, the research community, and the business world. It also contributes to strengthening the image of Friuli Venezia Giulia as a solid and credible entity capable of promoting an event with enormous socioeconomic potential not only for Italy but for the entire Union,” stated the Regional Councilor for Research, Alessia Rosolen, during the launch of Bsbf 2024 in Brussels.

The highlight of the evening was an insightful roundtable discussion featuring distinguished guests from the Big Science community, including Michela Vellico, representing the European Commission in the ESFRI Energy Strategy Working Group; Christian Dierick, Deputy Chair of PERIIA; Sandra Vogt from the European Space Agency (ESA); and Benjamin Perier from Fusion for Europe (F4E).

Currently, two Bsbf calls for proposals are open: the “Big Science Common Market,” which by May 6 will gather companies already collaborating with Big Science Organizations to standardize and optimize access procedures to the common market of BSOs, and the “Technology Transfer Track,” with a deadline of June 30, aimed at the development of cross-sectoral technologies to be applied within the scope of Big Science. Next week, the “roadshow” Ince will also resume in European capitals: Warsaw is scheduled for April 16, while Bsbf will arrive in Budapest on May 7.