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B1 Industrial experiences towards BSCM - Big Science Common Market

Wed 2nd Oct 16h10 - 18h00

The European Big Science sector represents an extensive market worth hundreds of millions of euros annually, with significant potential impact and advantages for industries. Participation in this market offers substantial prospects for businesses, including the development of innovative products and their distribution to other Big Science Organizations (BSOs) or broader markets.
Yet, this market appears notably varied among BSOs, highlighting the necessity for standardization and alignment of access protocols across the Big Science Market in Europe. The Session “Industrial experiences towards BSCM – Big Science Common Market” seeks to gather insights on potential and/or faced challenges of this market from key industrial players selected through the BSCM call. This, with the objective of devising recommendations and a roadmap for streamlining access procedures

ILO for ESRF, PERIIA, ILO Network Italia, CNR (IT)


To be announced soon