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Atlant 3D

ATLANT 3D is a pioneering nanotechnology startup that has developed a revolutionary hybrid atomic layer processing technology. This technology enables on-demand advanced manufacturing of micro-/nanodevices with unparalleled atomic precision. It merges micro atomic layer deposition, microfluidics, and sophisticated mechatronics, leading to the creation of the Nanofabricator – the first atomic layer 3D printer for both R&D and industrial uses. This printer significantly accelerates the prototyping and manufacturing of micro-/nano-optoelectronics, reducing costs and allowing for previously unattainable geometries. Our company operates in the micro-/nanofabrication industry, catering to diverse customer segments such as electronic systems and materials. We have collaborated with top-tier organizations like Merck, Sony, NANS, ST Micro, META, Samsung, and currently with ESA, to test our technology for both research and industrial applications. We stand out by offering the ability to print on complex surfaces, the potential for industrial scalability, a ‘lab to fab’ approach, cost efficiency, material diversity, and atomic-level resolution. We have just launched our first Nanofabricator model (LITE) to the R&D market and Universities, and the planned launch of our industrial model (PRO) is in 2024.

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Aït Abderrahim