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Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is a leading research facility in Italy that operates a 3rd generation synchrotron light source known as “Elettra” and a free electron laser FERMI. Elettra commenced operations in 1993 and has served users since 1994. Spanning a circumference of 259.2m with a DBA (double bend achromat) lattice and 12-fold symmetry, it operates 24 hours/day, offering 5000 hours/year of synchrotron light spanning from IR to hard X-rays through 28 beamlines, 9 served from dipoles. FERMI is a single-pass linac-based FEL for scientific investigations on ultra-fast and ultra-high resolution processes in material science and physical biosciences with ultra high brilliance X-ray pulses. This multidisciplinary center conducts advanced experiments spanning physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, and more. Its high-performance radiation sources hosts scientists from all over the world to explore atomic and molecular structures, driving breakthroughs across diverse fields. Elettra encourages collaborative research, providing cutting-edge beamlines for experiments that propel innovation in nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy, and environmental studies. Businesses can leverage Elettra’s cutting-edge research findings and facilities to enhance their product offerings, optimize processes, and stay competitive in evolving markets. Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is embarking on a major upgrade known as Elettra 2.0 to enhance its capabilities and maintain its leadership in synchrotron research. The upgrades of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste’s infrastructure will cover a wide array of technological domains, enabling the facility to continue driving innovation and breakthroughs in various scientific disciplines. Significant investments are forseen during the period 2024-2028 in the following five main technological areas for the upcoming years: cryogenics, diagnostics, electrical systems, high precision mechanical components, information technologies.


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